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All our apps and projects pass diligent quality assurance testing and are delivered by highly experienced project managers. When your app is complete, we can submit it to the App Store, Google Play and other public app stores, as well as provide tailor-made deployment for your enterprise apps.

Cross Promotions. The more amazing games we work with, the bigger our player base gets. So when we launch a game we are able to let everyone know about it, be it in-game or through social media platforms.

Porting. We offer a porting service for developers if they are looking to get their iOS titles onto Android. We know all know that the Android market can be a tricky place so we will take all the leg work and cost out of the porting for you.

Support. The overhead after a game release sometimes can be overwhelming. Especially if there are bugs or other issues. We are familiar with both the iOS and Android platforms and can squash bugs and handle customer support for you so you can keep doing what you do best.